Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Brick Wall Smashed!!!

Over the last few years, I had hit a Brick Wall in finding more records.  I searched through the available records from Stenico (the nearest "big" town and where today's records are kept).  Nothing.  

Recently a site came online for the Trentino records:

While the site is mostly under construction, it does have searchable birth records for 1815-1923.  I was able to find family births on here, and more importantly, where the records are.  Turns out that the Church the family used was in Tavodo, a nearby village!  With this information, I am able to order microfilm from the Family History Library that go all the way back to 1523!  

I am slowly picking my way through the records, but have found everybody and am moving slowly backwards. I will be posting a lot of goodies soon.

To see where everybody came from, I have created a Google Map with key towns noted.  You can access it here:,11.678467&spn=4.285862,6.102905

So far:

Premione:  Village where the Parisi family lived and emigrated from
Tavodo:   Village where their Church was (S. Maria Assunta) and where the records were kept
Seo:  Nearby village where the Morelli family was from

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