Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Marriage of Joseph Marco Parisi and Marina Morelli

[Housekeeping:  For this post, Joseph Marco Parisi is listed as Guiseppe Parisi.  Please click on the pictures to see them in a larger window.]

Below is the marriage registration of Guiseppe Parisi and Marina Morelli in 1885.  The year is not clearly noted on the page unfortunately.    They are the second full entry from the top.   

This first detail below shows the date:  20th of August [1885] and the town, Premione.  I don't think this was where they got married since the records are for the church, S. Maria Assunta, in Tavodo.  It might mean where the groom was from, or where the couple were to live after marriage.

The Groom's part is the longest, mainly because it includes information about the Banns that were published, part of the record keeping to prove the marriage was legitimate and the priests followed the rules.  It reads:

Parisi, Guiseppe
son of Pietro [Parisi] and Oliva Armanini
of Premione

Regularly publicized [their intentions to marry] to the Parish 
on the 19th & 26th of July and the 2nd of August
to see if there was any impediment to the marriage
and no one came forward  [Banns information]

The bride's information is on the next page, and is much shorter.  It says: 

Morelli, Marina
of Seo,
Daughter of Antonio & Maria Sicheri
with parental consent

The parental consent part was not part of the bridal information for the other registrants on the page.  I'm not sure why this was.  Her death certificate shows her birth year to be 1862, which would have made her 23 years of age - surely over the age of consent.

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