Friday, November 23, 2012

Anthony Parisi's Birth Record

This is my Grandfather's birth record.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

He's the fourth one down from the top on this page from 1886, next to the large notation in the margin (more on that below).  Reading across, it says that he was born on 10 Dec in Premione and baptized on the 11th.  His name is Parisi, Antonio Pietro (first born), and then there are some recordkeeping numbers.

On the opposite page are the names and information on his parents.  What is fabulous about these records is that it lists not only Antonio's parents, but their parents and town they were from too!   So with one birth record, I get three generations!  This was probably done because so many of the names were similar; there are LOTS of Parisi's and Morelli's in the records!

It shows that his father Guiseppe [Parisi] is the son of Pietro [Parisi] and Oliva Armanini; since no village is listed, it is assumed they are from Premione.  His mother is Morelli, Marina, daughter of Antonio and Maria Sicheri of the nearby village Seo.

The next column is the name of the priest who baptized/recorded this and then the name of the Godparent:  Antonio Morelli.  So my grandfather Antonio Parisi was named for his grandfather, Antonio Morelli.

Now about that notation.  It's recording the marriage of my grandfather to my grandmother Amelia Godes Kensen [Really Godskesen], daughter of Chirsath & Michelle [really Christian and Annie] in Portland, Oregon on 25 May 1918!  Someone must have written family that stayed home, who told the priest, who noted it.  Even across all those miles, and years, they were still keeping track!

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