Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Marriage of Pietro Parisi and Oliva Armanini

Going back farther in the microfilm, I found the marriage of Pietro Parisi and Oliva Armanini.  The records were filmed over two facing pages, and I was unable to get a clear shot of the whole page. So the pictures will be somewhat piecemeal, but cover the whole story.

First we have the date.  Of the two pictures immediately below, the top one shows the page number (154) and the year (1846).  The bottom one shows the date in the leftmost column (11 July).  The next column says "Of Premione"; again, I'm not sure if this is where the marriage took place or where the couple were then to live.  Bottom line is that they were married 11 July 1846.

The groom's information is below.  It reads:
Parisi, Pietro
of Premione
son of Giovanni [Parisi] and Maddalena Litterini

The bride's information from the facing page is below.  My Italian is awful and Google Translate is not helpful, so this is a very rough translation of what it says:

Armanini, Oliva
of Premione
daughter of Giosue [Armanini] and Maria Buratti

[something about obtaining dispensation for their marriage
and that it was performed on 11 July 1846]
No. 2204

The parentage of both Oliva and Pietro was backed up by the birth records found on the Nati In Trentino site I posted earlier and linked to in the sidebar.  The marriage record helps sort out the right Pietro though, since there were two Pietro Parisi's in Premione about this time.  They were roughly the same age, and their mother's were both Litterini.  In addition, their fathers were both sons of the same Pietro Parisi - our Pietro's grandfather!  So finding the marriage record really helped!