Sunday, August 19, 2007

Enlarging Pictures on the Blog

Ok, time out from genealogy for a little housekeeping. I've stated before that I have been working on getting the pictures on the blog to show up bigger and easier to read. Unfortunately, nothing I've tried has worked, so this has been really frustrating for me.

Imagine my surprise when my hubby was reading my latest post and had a HUGE image of the census on his screen! When I asked how he got that, he looked mildly confused and said "I just clicked on the image." D'oh! Ok, I hadn't tried that.

So for all those of you (if any) who, like me, hadn't figured this out: Click on the image to get a larger view of it. It makes things like the census much easier to read. To get back to the blog, just hit your browsers "Back" button.

And thank you to my hubby for the tip (and not pointing out that I was being a ditz).

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Ian McAfee said...

I was very excited to see the Parisi name on your blog.
I am searching for my grandfather Costante Parisi of Premione. He was born about 1882 and arrived in Pennsylvania around 1901. I'm going to throw out some names which may be connected to him. Leo Parisi born about 1903 in PA.
Giuseppina Maria Parisi born 1881,Carolina Vedora Francescotti, Antonio Christanelli and Giovanna Piz.
Costante died in 1933 and with him all of his history. Other than his children born in Seminole PA, I know nothing of him or his family.
I hope you can help me connect him to your family.
I thank you so very much,
Ian McAfee