Sunday, August 19, 2007

Christian Godskesen and Annie Jensen's marriage

I am going to switch gears and move over to the Godskesen line. Above is the marriage certificate of Christian Godskesen and Annie Jensen. My transcription with handwritten portions in italic:
State of Oregon
County of Multnomah, ss
This is to certify that the undersigned, a Minister of the Gospel by authority of a License bearing date the 29th of May, A.D. 1894, and issued by the Clerk of the County Court of the County of Multnomah, did on the 30th of May, A.D. 1894, at the house of C Godskesen, in the county and state aforesaid, join in lawful wedlock C Godskesen, of the County of Multnomah, and State of Oregon, and Annie Jensen, of the County of Multnomah and the State of Oregon, with their mutual assent, in the presence of Bender Petersen and Mary Madsen, witnesses.
Filed June 5th, 1894
By N.C. Smith, deputy
Witness my hand:
W.L. MacEvan
Rector, St. Mark's Church
This document is from the Multnomah County Marriage Records or Affidavits
Volume 10, Page 213
I received it from the Geneaological Forum of Oregon, Inc., who have a lot of great stuff on their website:

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