Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update on the Portland Waterworks

I'll continue with the trip from Premione to Portland, but wanted to interrupt the thread briefly to update/correct my previous post on the Portland Waterworks on the 17th of March. Brian, the Wonder-Archivist at the Portland City Archives, sent me the following note:

Hi Dina,

I was looking at the image on the blog page you sent me of Joseph and his family. You have it labeled as being in front of a reservoir. It is not one of the reservoirs, but appears to be at the headworks where water first enters the pipelines to get to Portland. The railing and the background appear to be more consistent with the headworks, which are up in the Bull Run Reserve. Back then it would have been a nice day trip for a family outing. It's not so easy to do so these days.

Thanks Brian!

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