Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who's Who -- The family of Joseph Marco Parisi and Marina Morelli

I'm going to go up a generation and talk about Anthony's parents and their children in the next several blogs. As I am still working on documenting many events in this line of my family, and am in the process of blending others' research into my own. To keep things straight, items marked with an asterisk (*) have not been documented by me (but I'm working on it).
Joseph Marco Parisi married Marina Morelli in a small village (Premione) near Trento (now Italy), around 1885. They then immigrated to the United States and settled in Portland, OR. Like many immigrants, the family did not all move at once, but moved in stages. Joseph came first, secured a job and housing, then moved his family over. I will be discussing this and the area they came from in future posts.

They had the following children:

Anthony Peter Parisi -- "Tony" (10 Jan 1886 - 8 Nov 981); born in Premione
-- married Amelia Godskesen (see previous blog)

*Armida Maria Parisi -- (6 Nov 1888 - 13 Nov 1888); born in Premione

Mary Parisi -- (22 Feb 1892 - 13 Jan 1982); born Portland, OR
-- married Joseph A. Baldrica

Cecilia Parisi -- (16 Nov 1893 -- 2 Jul 1974); born Portland, OR

Rosa Parisi -- (Jul 1897 -- ???); born Portland, OR
-- *married John Cook

Alice Parisi -- (abt. 1901 - ???); born Portland, OR
-- *married William Raymond Jefferis

Henry William Parisi (15 Mar 1903 - 13 Mar 1987); born Portland, OR

George Parisi (17 Mar 1907 - 19 Jul 1981); born Portland, OR
-- * married Ellen Mallon

Just by looking at the place of birth for the children, you can narrow down the immigration date for the family, and see who would have come over. This is helpful in looking at ships' passenger lists, etc.

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