Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Amelia Godskesen's School Yearbook

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This picture is from The Spectrum, Jefferson High School's yearbook, of June 1916 (p. 128). The name under the picture reads Amelia Godskesen. It was accompanied by the following :
Nickname: Millie
Ambition: Butcher's wife
Favorite Amusement: Outside reading
I was so thrilled when I found this! It is one of those things that really bring an ancestor to life, especially one you haven't met or don't remember -- which is unfortunately the case with Amelia, my grandmother. When I visit Oregon, hopefully in February, I will see if I can find the yearbook in a library and see if there are more pictures or information (clubs she belonged to, etc.)
The picture is courtesy of Genealogy Today (www.genealogytoday.com), a subscription site which has scans of yearbooks and other databases. Source information: Family Tree Connection, Jefferson High School (OR) [on-line database], New Providence, NJ, 2005 -- Transcribed from: The Spectrum June 1916 Yearbook, 1916, pg. 128.

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