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Death Certificate for Joseph Marco Parisi

. .
Joseph Marco's death was the final and saddest part of his involvement with the Portland Water Works. I'll transcribe his death certificate above first, then discuss how it relates to the Water Works.
Oregon State Board of Health
Division of Vital Statistics
State of Oregon
State File No. #107
Local Registrar's No. #110
Other Misc. Numbers at top of certificate [purpose not stated]:
99-16200-C [handwritten in top left corner]
183 [handwritten under local registrar's no.]
Left Hand Column:
1. Place of Death:
(a) County: Multnomah
(b) City: Portland
(c) Name of hospital or institution: Foot of Caruthers St
[mix of type and handwriting; Wilamette River is typed above]
(d) Length of stay: In hospital or institution [left blank]
In this community: 54 yrs.
In state: 54 yrs.
3. (a) Full Name: JOSEPH PARISI
[originally typed Jopseh Parisi, but then the first name was lined through
and written Joseph above]
(b) if veteran, name war: None
(c) Social Security No.: None
4. Sex: Male
5. Color: White
6. (a) Single, widowed, married or divorced: Married
(b) name of husband or wife: Marnian Parisi
(c) age of husband or wife if alive: 78
7. Birth date of deceased: April 25, 1854
8. Age: 86 years, 8 mos, 6 days
9. Birthplace: Austria
10. Usual occupation: Foreman, Water Works
11. Industry or business: City of Portland
12. Father's Name: Peter Parisi
13. Father's Birthplace: Austria
14. Mother's Maiden Name: Olive ?
15. Mother's Birthplace: Austria
16. (a) Informant's own signature: G. J. Parisi [son of Joseph Parisi]
(b) Address: 2435 S.W. 5th Ave.
17. (a) Burial, cremation or removal: Burial
(b) Date: Jan. 11, 1941
(c) Place: Mt. Calvary Cemetery
18. (a) Signature of Funeral Director: Hennessey, Goetsch & McGee
(b) Address: 210 N.W. 17th Ave
19. (a) Date form received by registrar: Stamped Jan. 9 1941
(b) Registrar's signature: Adolph Weinzirl, M.D. [Stamped]
Handwritten underneath: AFF for Correction given name 1-6-49
Right Hand Column:
2. Usual Residence of Deceased:
(a) State: Oregon
(b) County: Multnomah
(c) City: Portland
(d) Street No: 2435 S.W. 5th Ave.
(e) how long in USA? 55 yrs
[the number 102 is handwritten under this line with no explanation]
[the word "Found" is typed right next to this heading]
20. Date of Death:
Month: January day: 8 year: 1941 hour: ? minute: [blank]
21. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from [blank],
to EXAM and that death occurred on the date.
Immediate cause of death: Strangulation due to drowning
[the number 183 is written and cirlced here with no explanation]
Due to: (fell into Willamette River)
Other Conditions: [blank]
Major findings of operations: [blank]
of autopsy: No
22. If death is due to external causes, fill in the following:
(a) Accident, suicide or homicide: Accident
(b) Date of occurence: About 12-31-40
(c) Where did injury occur: Portland, Oregon
(d) Did injury occur in or about home, on farm, in industrial place, in public place?
Willamette River at foot Carruthers St.
While at work? [blank]
(e) means of injury: Drown
23. Signature: F. Floyd South, MD Coroner [stamped]
Signed G.W. Snook, Deputy
According to family lore, a water main broke on Christmas and Joseph went to investigate and help. He slipped, fell into the Wilamette River and was lost until New Year's Day. While the dates of the story do not exactly line up with death certificate, this must have been a devastating event. My heart goes out to the family and I can feel their loss, even 60 years later, everytime I see this certificate.

I am working on finding the article about this event, Joseph's obituary, and any Water Committee notes regarding the event.

Other small notes about this death certificate:
1) The name of Joseph's wife (Marina) is misspelled
2) The signer, G.J. Parisi is Joseph's son, George.

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