Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Portland Water Dept. Payroll - Jan. 1903

Page of Payroll Records for the City of Portland, and close ups:
1) Top: Lines showing all information and signature for C. Albertini and Joe Parisi
2) Middle: Close up showing signatures of C. Albertini and Joe Parisi
3) Bottom: Entire page
This is one of the great finds we had at the Portland Archives. A big thank you to Brian Johnson, Assistant Archivist, who proved to be a big help (and a great guy too!). I had never seen my Great-Grandfather's signature before -- it always is surreal experience to find something like that.
I will not be transcribing the whole page, but just the two lines pertaining to C. Albertini and Joe Parisi. In my next blog, I'll talk about the Parisi's, Albertini's, and the Water Works. And, yes, there's a family reason while C. (Constante) Albertini is included.
My best transcription:
Name: C. Albertini
Occupation: Foreman, West Portland
Time: 1 month
Rate: $80/month plus car fare
Amount Due: $81.55
Warrant No. 14
Signature Line
Name: Joe Parisi
Occupation: Sub-Foreman, West Portland
Time: 27 days
Rate: $2.50/day plus car fare
Amount Due: $67.50
Warrant No. 15
Signature line

At this time, Joe was supporting his wife (who was pregnant) and 5 children in a home he had purchased, so he probably also had a mortgage. On $2.50/day. Wow.

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