Sunday, November 05, 2006

On the Front Porch

Today I found this photo in my mom's collection when I went over to scan some pictures of her side of the family (Villalba-Barrios). I didn't even know this photo existed - I was doing the genealogist happy dance today!

The photo dates from a trip we made to Portland, OR to visit with my father's family (he's the Parisi), probably at Christmas or a little after. I am dating this based on my little sister who is standing in the front. She was born in May 1963, so Christmas 1963 or Easter 1964 is about right for her to be standing. It might even be as late as Christmas 1964.

From left to right, is Grandpa Tony, Georgia Bjore holding yours truly, Eleanor Bjore and Christine Bjore (hiding). In front is my mother (Miriam Parisi, known as Mimi) holding my little sister, Gina Parisi. I am not sure of the location, but I believe we are on the front porch of Eleanor's house. We all look like we're having a pretty good time, and hey, it's not raining!

Okay, the family connections and approximate ages: Tony (77) is Anthony Parisi of the Baseball/Window fame from the previous blog. Georgia (20) and Christine (10) are Eleanor's daughters and Eleanor (43) is my father's sister and Tony's daughter. My sister around her first birthday, my mom is 30, and I am about 3. Whew, get all that?

I found some other pictures, but didn't have time to scan them so I'll have to do that later. I will also be bugging my father to scan his photos to post on this site. Family blogs are nice, but it also means that you have at least one maniac in your family who always wants to come over with a scanner.

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kathleen koenigsfeld said...

My grandparents were Alice and William Jefferis. Alice Parisi died in 1988 and William died in 1963.They had 2 children; Robert James and Margret [Dolan] Robert married Gloria Elaine Redihan in 1959 and had 4 children; Kathleen Susan [me],[Koenigsfeld] Maureen Elene,[Dowdy]Robert James jr.[Deceased] and William Raymond II. For more info you can contact me on facebook under above name!