Sunday, November 12, 2006

Guest Blog: Ed Bjore email

I received the following email from my Uncle Ed Bjore* in response to the previous blog (On the Front Porch).
I thought it was a perfect next blog -- elegant prose, clarifying information and a great explanation of why we are genealogists. Enjoy!

"Oh my goodness. My knees got weak and my stomach knotted when I saw your picture. I was overwhelmed with the memories.

I would guess this picture was taken Christmas of 64. In the window you can see the Christmas tree on the left, and the dirty glass, if you look close enough, is angels done with some window paste. There are also Christmas lights on the columns.

This picture was taken on the front (patio) porch at 6833 SE 112th Ave, Portland OR. It was a treat to see Georgia looking so well, and Mom making a face at the camera. Tony was Tony, with the pocket protector and all the pens. These are part of so many details that I had forgotten. Your mom was such a beautiful person, a winning smile, and a bundle of energy.

As you might know, Georgia died of lupus about 28 years ago, and we became the guardians of her daughter Andrea who was 7 at the time. Andrea got married this summer and we went to Tulsa OK to witness her wedding. It was a joyous time. Time just goes too fast, and we don't appreciate things at the time. That's the fun of genealogy for me--remembering all the wonderful people who have made me the person I am."
*Ok, in a previous blog I said I'd explain this. Ed is my cousin, but somehow, ever since I can remember, I called him Uncle Eddie. It probably has to do with the fact that he is approximately 14 years older than I am, but I'm really not sure. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's when I realized the real family connection. Of course, it's hard to correct when you spend all your formative years learning it one way. Kind of like all of us now trying to unlearn Pluto as a planet or getting used to 12 food pyramids...

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